Our History

Creating Music That Touches Hearts

Founded back in 1967 as Bonanza Music Store in Luthuli Avenue, today it remains an archive of classical beats from Africa. Many of the productions were done between 1950s and 1980s.

Melodica was started by P.L Daudia, who passed away in 1997, leaving behind his son Abdul Karim to take over. Daudia had recording contract with Musicians from East Africa and Congo. But the company suffered a blow when the only record manufacturing company, Phonogram, decided to wind up its operations in East Africa. This coincided with the period when cassettes from other parts of the world flooded the market.

From a distance, one can hear captivating music that reminds one of the glorious past. Music by greats like TP OK Jazz, Shama Shama, Les Kamale, Lipua Lipua, Ochieng’ Kabaselleh, Dr. Nico, Fundi Konde and Gabriel Omolo is abundant. Anytime at Melodica is zilizopendwa time

Works of John Nzenze, Isaya Mwinamo, Kabaselleh, David Amunga, and Daudi Kabaka are in abundance. Also musicians from as far as Tanzania, Zanzibar, and Uganda would also jam Melodica’s studio to record.

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Hit Records

Music Library

The junction of Tom Mboya and Ronald Ngala streets in Nairobi is infamous for congestion caused by matatus. Melodica Music Stores stands out from the rest of the shops. It captures one’s attention with sweet sounds wafting above the din.

The library shelves teem with evergreen tunes, including traditional tunes of the Orutu, Nyatiti, and Eshikuti. The shop also sells Music Equipment including guitars, tumbas, drums and tambourines.

To ensure a variety , what was not produced in Melodica’s studios is brought in from other producers as long as they fall in the zilizopendwa category.

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